Moving London-France
Moving between London and France a real headache? What are the pitfalls to avoid? What are the good practices to adopt? The My Truck to Share team gives you some good advice and accompanies you through the process. First of all, it is essential to clearly define the tasks incumbent on the removal company and/or the client. By taking the time to understand the distribution of roles you will be able to
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Moving London-Paris
Organising your move from London to Paris can often be more complicated than it seems. The My Truck to Share teams give you the keys to a successful move. What are the pitfalls to avoid? What are the best practices? How to choose a removal company? Moving is a regulated profession. Therefore, first of all, make sure that the company you wish to use is registered with the RCS and the register of
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Moving London France
Moving between London and France in the midst of the Covid crisis19. A real headache for hundreds of French nationals. In France as in the United Kingdom the time has come for containment. Moreover, the measures announced on both sides of the Channel should, over time, become tougher. At least until the health situation shows a noticeable improvement. In this very particular context, many French nationals established in England are seeking to
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Expatriate health insurance London Paris
What changes can we expect for French expatriates at the Brexit time? The ratification of Brexit has raised many questions among the large family of French expatriates. However, one thing is certain: the right for all these citizens to stay in the UK will not be questioned. The British authorities have reaffirmed their willingness to maintain their European regularisation programme. All French citizens residing in the UK will thus be able to live in the UK.
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Moving with your pet
Nowadays, transporting your pet to England is like a true Way of the Cross. The administrative procedures are lengthy and all at exorbitant prices. The MT2S team will advise you and give you a few tips to make the exercise less indigestible. So if you decide to move to the UK with your pet there are several options available to you. Plane, ferry or train. Each of these have advantages and disadvantages.
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