Organising your move from London to Paris can often be more complicated than it seems. The My Truck to Share teams give you the keys to a successful move. What are the pitfalls to avoid? What are the best practices?

How to choose a moving company?

Moving is a regulated profession. Therefore, first of all, make sure that the company you wish to use is registered with the RCS and the Register of Carriers and Hirers. For information, note that professionals in the sector must also be able to prove that they have a certificate of professional competence. Once the contract has been drawn up, take the time to check that all the legal notices are included. Please note that your contract will not always be the subject of a single document. For example, make sure that the initial quotation is accompanied by the general terms and conditions of sale. With the latter, you will be provided with a consignment note to complete the contract. The latter is obligatory and includes all the information relating to your move. The signature of the constituent elements by the customer and the service provider will then be considered as a commitment. From one company to another, the price of your move from London to Paris can vary from 20 to 40%; do not hesitate to ask different companies for comparison.

Is there a period to avoid for his move?

School holidays are a period to be carefully avoided if you wish to organize your move from London to Paris. Indeed the demand is more important there and many transport companies take advantage of it to inflate their prices. In addition, it is not uncommon to see less qualified temporary workers coming to complete the teams in place. Two good reasons not to count on these dates. For the same reasons, but to a lesser extent, we also advise you to give priority to the first fortnight of each month, which is often less busy. For the rest, don't hesitate to ask for quotes from different companies and to compete. After all, the customer is king. Finally, make your arrangements. As a general rule, it is recommended that private individuals take the necessary steps three to four weeks before the pick-up date, whatever the target period.

The form of the contract for your move from London to Paris

He doesn't hesitate to use a standard contract in the moving world. In reality, the latter is the result of not a single document but at least three. First of all your estimate, it is free of charge and must include a certain number of mandatory mentions that you will find on the INC website. This last note must imperatively be accompanied by the general conditions of sale. To complete the whole you will find your consignment note. It is obligatory and serves as a summary of the services agreed between the parties. Finally to this document can be added the declaration of value. This form is normally offered to you with the quotation. If it is missing, please ask for it. It is of particular interest to the client. Because it will enable him to mention the value of all the movable elements whose estimate is higher than the amount of the lump-sum compensation mentioned in the contract, 500th as a general rule per object.

The interest of taking out additional insurance?

It should be remembered that in the event of a dispute, the removal service provider is de facto presumed responsible. If his responsibility is proven, the compensation to which the customer can claim is the one fixed in the contract. Otherwise, the remover may seek to discharge this obligation by invoking a case of force majeure, a defect or an error attributable to the client.

In this case, supplementary insurance makes sense. It will have been previously offered to the customer, free of charge or not, when the contract is signed. It will allow the latter to benefit from compensation even if the provider's liability is excluded.

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