Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about moving and our groupage formulas.
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What are the steps to follow in case of breakage?2019-10-27T22:13:24+01:00

In the event of a problem on delivery the user must issue on the consignment note which will be presented to him by the collection/delivery team. The reservation allows the user to detail the nature of the damage(s) caused during transport.

This information is mandatory if you wish to benefit from a possible compensation. This will be the subject of a prior study by the insurer who will rule on the liability of the carrier, they must be complete, precise and motivated. Any broad or vague wording, such as "Subject to unpacking", "Parcel refused", "Parcel in poor condition", "Shock", will not be accepted.

In what currency can payments be made?2019-10-27T22:12:32+01:00

MT2S teams offer you the possibility to pay by credit card (American Express is accepted), bank transfer or cash in either euros or pounds.

What are the means of payment?2019-10-27T22:12:03+01:00

MT2S teams offer you the possibility to pay by credit card (American Express is accepted), bank transfer or cash in either euros or pounds.

When will I receive my bill?2019-10-27T22:11:26+01:00

MT2S teams send you your invoice after delivery. In special cases or at the customer's request, arrangements can be made.

If you want an invoice in the name of your company, you just have to send us by email to contact@mytrucktoshare.com the name of the company and an invoice address.

What should I do if the volume of my move changes?2019-10-27T22:10:34+01:00

If the volumes announced at the time of the initial quotation are likely to change before the pick-up date, we invite you to quickly contact customer service on +331 76 50 35 05. The quote in question will be updated and our teams will contact you to reorganise the pick-up if necessary.

Do MT2S teams transport pets?2019-10-27T22:10:04+01:00

MT2S teams offer you a domestic transport service. The owners of the animals must have an up-to-date vaccination book, in which case the border crossing cannot be guaranteed. For more information, please contact our switchboard at +331 76 50 35 04.

Do MT2S teams provide personal transport?2019-10-27T22:09:34+01:00

MT2S teams do not provide transportation to the person.

How soon can I place an order?2019-10-27T22:09:07+01:00

Order deadlines depend exclusively on the activity at the period in question.

How do I evaluate my volumes to be moved?2019-10-27T22:08:34+01:00

In order to best evaluate the volumes you wish to move, we invite you to contact our switchboard at +331 76 50 35 04, one of our experts will be able to advise you. Within the framework of the Moving formula, visits can be organized.

Do I have to pay a deposit before my transport?2019-10-27T22:07:50+01:00

The formulas of Removal and Groupage do not require the payment of a deposit.

How and when to contact the MT2S team?2019-10-27T22:07:24+01:00

The MT2S team can be reached by email at contact@mytrucktoshare.com or by phone through its switchboard at +331 76 50 35 04 (open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm).

What are the delivery times with the groupage formula?2019-10-27T22:06:42+01:00

With the Groupage formula from London, deliveries are made within 24 hours with the possibility of scheduling deferred deliveries (except weekends). With the Groupage from Paris (iDF) formula, deliveries to London are made within 24 hours with the possibility of scheduling delayed deliveries (except weekends).

Do the MT2S teams proceed on weekends?2019-10-27T22:06:14+01:00

As part of the Moving formula, MT2S teams operate during the week and at weekends. With the Groupage formula, the collection/delivery is only assured during the week.

In which cities do MT2S teams operate?2019-10-27T22:05:47+01:00

As part of the Moving formula, MT2S teams operate from London and all over France. For the Groupage formula, only the London-Paris (iDF) segment is served.

Does the MT2S team offer a storage service?2019-10-27T22:05:07+01:00

Whether it is with the Groupage or Removal formula, MT2S teams offer you a storage service. Within the framework of the offer of groupage you benefit from 30 days of storage offered; after this period the service is invoiced. With the moving offer the storage duration is unlimited and the service is invoiced from the first day.

What are the services offered in the Moving package?2019-10-27T22:04:39+01:00

The Moving package includes the following services:

  • handling (loading, unloading, dispatch, assembly/disassembly)
  • furniture packaging and large household appliances
  • transport (delivery on demand / week and weekend)
  • storage offer
  • administrative procedures (MT2S teams do not handle parking applications to the competent authorities)
How does groupage work?2019-10-27T22:03:46+01:00

Our groupage service takes the form of a collection/delivery circuit centred on the Paris (IDF)-London segment. Departures are weekly and deliveries are made within 24 hours by our own teams. Our offer is adaptable to demand and will allow you to benefit from affordable, reliable and secure transport. In order to simplify your steps, a personalized follow-up will be proposed to you throughout the various stages of the process, from the online quote request to the payment at the delivery.

What are the services offered in the groupage formula?2019-10-27T22:03:19+01:00

The Groupage formula includes the following services:

  • handling (door-to-door loading/unloading)
  • packaging for furniture, household appliances and others
  • transport (delivery within 24 hours / collection / delivery at fixed times)
  • storage offer

MT2S teams do not handle the parking application process with the competent authorities.

What are the formulas proposed by the MT2S team?2019-10-27T22:02:31+01:00

The MT2S team offers you two types of formulas, a classic Removal formula and a Groupage formula. The moving offer is valid from London and all over France for volumes over 10m3. The groupage service is exclusively focused on the London-Paris (iDF) segment and is not subject to any volume restriction. To find out more about the details of the services offered in each of these packages, please refer to the moving and groupage pages.


Legal notice. The My Truck to Share team offers you the possibility to carry out your removals and parcel shipments between London and France. Different services will be offered to you according to your needs, from the participative formula to the individualized version through a solution dedicated to professionals. Our teams will give you the benefit of their know-how and a personalized accompaniment throughout your steps, with the aim of simplifying all the steps and formalities attractive to your move. So you too can opt for an affordable, reliable and simplified solution. "MY TRUCK TO SHARE is a project that was born from a simple observation: today, sending a parcel or moving from France to London is often like a true path of the cross. Which carrier? At what price? How long will it take? To top it all off, it takes less than three hours to get from Paris to central London. And yet many people like us have experienced it. Having made this observation, the My Truck to Share adventure seemed obvious. Indeed, why not take the gamble of creating this offer ourselves, which had been sorely lacking at the time? After several months of work, the project finally saw the light of day. The vocation of the service, to offer a reliable and affordable service, while revisiting the aging codes commonly associated with the world of moving and transport. My truck to Share is a new way of looking at your move between London and France.

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